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The Skip Portal: For Starters


A portal to another dimension? Not quite. But the Skip Portal is where you can do everything from set promotions, check your Skip Score, and review your revenue. 

Now, we know what you’re thinking: not another portal to navigate—and get lost in. We feel you. That’s why we’ve worked to create an easy-to-use (no, seriously) experience. After all, you’ve got enough on your plate. 

Let us introduce you to the Skip Portal, give you a brief tour, and answer some questions you might have as you explore it. Ready to launch? Let’s go. 

  1. HOME
    Honey, you’re home! This is like your dashboard where you can click into all the various sections of the platform based on what you’re trying to do. Check out these quick ways to master SKIP Portal.
    On your home screen, you will also see a dated chronological list of notifications, like a news feed. These could be telling you that your latest statement is available, your courier hold assessment, or telling you about new features we’ve added to the platform. So far so good? Good.
    Need some quick details at a glance? In the upper left-hand corner of your home screen, you will see your account’s basic information: your Skip Score (more on that later) and number of orders you had today.
    You’re busy and could use a few shortcuts, right? On your home screen you will find some handy shortcuts to our most exciting features, your three types of promotions: Top Placement, Free Item, and Free Delivery. (More on each of these in a little bit.)
    Need to ask us for help? It’s never been easier. On the far left of the screen, you will see a grey bar with a row of tabs. The second-to-last of those tabs after Home is Message Us. So, instead of sending a regular ol’ email and waiting for a response, you can click here for easier, faster messaging.
    Simply select the topic that’s most appropriate from the drop-down menu, prompt you with the information you need to provide in order to resolve the case as quickly as possible, add any relevant attachments, then type your message. Done and done!
    And since your message is trackable, you can see a status update showing that it’s been received and we’re working on it. You will get real-time updates as to where your message is in our queue.
    There are self-serve prompts to help you do things yourself. And there’s no need to be called by us to authorize some requests. That validation is all done through the Skip Portal. Easy as pie, right?
    Here you can update your business hours or manually change them over the holidays on the SKIP portal’s self-serve feature.
  7. MENU
    For some eligible restaurants, you can actually update your menu, add photos, update prices etc., right on the Portal.
    So, how are you doing? The Performance tab will let you know. Here, you will find more details about your Skip Score. This rating is based on four sets of criteria: customer feedback (thumbs up or down), the number of attempted orders you rejected, average courier wait times, and accuracy of confirmation times. Here, you can also see a breakdown of feedback and actual reviews. Why is your Skip Score so important? The better you do, the higher up you stay on the list of restaurants in your area.
    Money, money, money! How did you do today and this week? Check your Earnings tab to find out.
    On the daily tab, you can view both daily orders and earnings as they happen. But keep in mind, since adjustments like refunds and rebates happen only weekly, what you see on your daily earnings chart is subject to change.
    Your weekly earnings, on the other hand, will probably be where you turn to most to see how your business is doing.
    Here you will see your gross revenue, numbers of orders completed, any adjustments, taxes, and your net gross—which will be the amount you will receive via direct deposit. Don’t forget to check the quick guide on banking feature of SKIP portal. Ch-ching!
    For vendors with more than one location associated with your account, you can generate a weekly statement for all of your locations. You can also create a customized view for any time period you want. How’d you do over a holiday weekend, for example? Check it out here.
    Pretty simple: here you can see all the orders you’ve received, including details on the delivery timeline, what the customer ordered, and the revenue on that order, as well as customer feedback (thumbs up/down), and any customer reviews.
    Alright, we’re finally here! This is where eligible restaurants get to create offers that will entice customers to pick you from 1000s of other restaurant options in your city. You can also view your Active Promotions and Past Promotions to see how they’ve increased sales.You have three options to choose from:
    >TOP PLACEMENT is a tool you can use to move your name to the top of the list. Choose the duration you’d like and we will tell you the fee for this promotion. When you’re ready, hit activate and we’re good to go! For more info, you can visit this detailed blog on these Top placement promotions tools.
    >FREE ITEM is a great way to reward your customers—and maybe get them to add a little more to their order. Simply select your minimum order value, choose your free menu item (for example, fries, spring roll, dessert), and start the promotion! With Free Items, there is no set duration and you can stop and start whenever you want.>FREE DELIVERY is one way to get a leg up on the competition. And at this point, some customers even expect it. Simply choose the duration you’d like to offer free delivery and you’re all set.
  13. HELP
    Need a little extra guidance while you work through the Portal? Click the FAQ button which offers some handy FAQs that should answer your questions.


This should help get you on your way to using the Skip Portal. If you have more questions, please feel free to message us or check out our Portal FAQs.

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