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10 Quick How-Tos to Help You Portal Like a Pro


In this day and age of now, now, now, it’s nice to have the ability to solve a few of those pesky day-to-day issues all by your lonesome. It’s faster. It’s more efficient. Did we mention faster? And that’s what the Skip Portal is all about. There are so many things you can take care of on your own to keep things moving full steam ahead without a blip on the radar.

1. How To Edit Your Portal Profile

Say you need to change your name or your email address or your phone number. Who you gonna call? Nobody! You’ve got this, with a little help from the Portal.  

  • Go to My Profile
  • Under “Profile,” change your details
  • Select “Save Changes”

2. How To Edit A Portal User 

Admin user? You hold the power. You can edit or remove other users at your leisure (as long as that user doesn’t belong to more than one restaurant). Here’s how.

  • Go to User Management
  • Select the user’s restaurant
  • If you can edit the user, a small edit icon will be on the right-hand side of their information
  • Click the edit icon
  • Edit their details
  • Select “Save Changes” 

3. How To Change Your Password 

We all know it’s a good idea to change the ol’ password every once in a while to keep your business as protected as possible. Thankfully, the Portal makes it easy as pie. 

4. How To Message Us

Have questions outside of these how-tos? Need advice? Just want to say hi? You can go ahead and message us directly from the Portal. You’ll even get real-time updates so you know where your message is in the queue and when you can expect to hear back. 

  • On the left of the screen in the grey bar, click “Message Us”
  • Select topics from the drop-down menu, and add attachments
  • Type your message and send 

5. How To Use The Portal If You Have More Than One Restaurant

Managing a whole host of eateries? No sweat! The Portal makes it a breeze by letting you take care of all your locations through just one login.    

  • In the top-right corner, click the restaurant address 
  • Choose the restaurant you’d like to use to view the Portal

6. How To Use The Reporting Feature

Speaking of having more than one location, here’s another helpful how-to for those who do. This feature lets you scope out all the earnings and all the orders on all your locations so you can see them all together. Cool, huh? 

  • Select “Generate Report”
  • Choose your start and end dates
  • This creates a report in .csv file format

7. How To View The Details Of A Past Order

Customer missing an item? Courier didn’t show up? Pick up supposed to be at a different location? You can quickly check back on any past order details through the Portal in three simple steps. 

8. How To See The Top Performing Items On Your Menu

As a savvy restaurateur, you want to make sure you know what’s doing well (and not-so-well) on the menu so you can adjust accordingly. Luckily for you, there’s a super simple way to keep track. 

  • Go to Performance – Sales
  • Scroll down to “Top Performing Menu Items”
  • In the top right-hand corner of the graph, choose the month you would like to view

9. How To Track Courier Holds

As you are probably well aware, too many courier holds are a no-no, unless you don’t mind your Skip Score taking a hit (and we’re guessing you don’t). Here’s an easy way to keep an eye on yours so it doesn’t cost you points.  

10. How To See Customer Feedback

Customer satisfaction is hands down the biggest factor in your restaurant’s success. So naturally, you’ll want to keep tabs on what they’re saying. How do you do that? Tada! 

  • Go to Performance – Skip Score
  • Click “Customer Feedback”
  • Scroll through your feedback summary 
  • For a detailed view, click “Download Feedback”
  • This creates a report in .csv file format

And there you have it! 10 easy Skip Portal how-tos to help you get (some of the) jobs done yourself. How liberating. 

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