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MENU MANIA | How to Navigate Skip’s Self-Serve Menu Feature


Restaurateurs, meet the Skip Portal’s Menu Self-Serve feature. Here to make lives a whole lot easier, this useful tool gives you the power to edit, create, and arrange your own menu items, right from your fingertips. Ready? To the Portal!  

Not an MSS partner? No problem! For corporate brands or those of you who are alcohol vendors, POS-integrated, or part of the Group Menu, you’ll need a little help from our end to make your menu changes. And here’s how to get it:

  1. Go to Message Us
  2. Create a Ticket

Here’s what you can find in this story:

How to access the Menu-Self Serve tool (MSS)

Note: You must be enabled for Menu Self-Serve. Please reach out to your account manager if you do not have access yet or to find out your access type. 

In order to access MSS, you must have either of these permissions:

  • Portal Edit & App
  • Portal Admin & App

How To Create a New Category 

Want to add a devilish dessert section to the mix? Or highlight some locally sourced standouts? Maybe you have a new gluten-free section you want to call out? Whatever the category, here’s how you can add it to your menu.

  1. Go to Overview
  2. Click Create Category
  3. Add Category Name, Description, and Availability
  4. Click Create to save the category

Create a New Category 

How To Arrange A Category Or An Item

When it comes to menu flow, there’s usually some logic involved. Most start with appetizers and end with desserts. But what if you want to be a rebel and lead with the sweets? Or sort dishes in a category by price from lowest to highest? No problem! Here’s how to arrange your menu categories and items however you want   

  1. Go to Overview
  2. Click Sort
  3. Arrange categories by dragging ​​⋮⋮⋮ of the Category cards
  4. Click Save

How To Edit A Category 

Changed the theme of your restaurant and want the category titles to match? Maybe you need to edit the description of your locally sourced section to reflect seasonal changes? Luckily, with a little help from the Self-Serve Menu feature, you can do it all in a matter of minutes. 

  1. Go to Overview
  2. Go to the card of the Category that you wish to edit
  3. Click then click Edit Category
  4. Edit the Category Name and/or Description and/or Availability
  5. Click Save

How to Create a New Item

Created some fresh new dishes you’re ready to share with the world? Whether it’s a new seasonal special or a new fan favourite that’s here to stay, the Self-Serve Menu feature’s got your back. Here’s how to create a new menu item and description in 5 deliciously easy steps. 

  1. Go to Overview
  2. Navigate to the Category where you wish to Create a New Item
  3. Click Add Item
  4. Click Create New Item
  5. Input the details for your new item
    • Mandatory fields: Item Name, Description, Price, Tax Category, Availability

Note: Size Description and Calories do not show up in the Customer’s Front End

  1. Click Create

New Tax Category for Ontario Alert: Prepared Food

We have added a new tax category for prepared food under $4 (excluding HST). Qualifying prepared food and beverages that fall under that amount are now considered exempt from provincial taxes. If you sell any goods that fit the bill, you’ll need to update your menu to continue following Ontario tax rules. The good news is, it’s simple to do using our self-serve feature in the Portal. We even made this handy step-by-step tutorial video to show you how easy it is. 

Create a New Item

How To Edit Existing Items 

Let’s say your head chef goes on a creative whim and decides to change up all the ingredients of one of your menu items. Or decides to take an item off of the menu entirely. What do you do? You edit that dish in seconds, that’s what. 

  1. You can access the items that you wish to edit via:
    • Expanding the Categories in Overview
    • The Items tab
  2. Click on the item that you wish to edit
  3. Apply the edits that you wish to do
    • Mandatory fields: Item Name, Description, Tax Category, Price,

Note: Size Description and Calories do not show up in the Customer’s Front End

  1. Click Save

Reminder: Update the name of your menu item and any allergy information too.

Edit Item

How To Add Option Groups  

First things first: what is an Option Group? It’s simply a collection of options that are associated with the main menu item. A cheeseburger combo, for example, is the main menu item. And sides and drinks are the option groups within it. 

Here’s how to add them:

  1. Click the Add Option Group Button.
  2. Choose between New Option Group or Existing Option Group.
  3. If you choose New Option Group, add a new Option Group to your Menu Item (e.g. Choose Side, Choose Beverage, Add Extra Toppings) OR If you choose to add Existing Option Groups, choose from the current list of available Option Groups to add to your Menu Item.

Add Option Groups

How To Add Context to Option Groups

With the new feature you can now add context to your option groups to allow easy identification of the options within an option group. This will help you easily distinguish between option groups of the same name such as “Add-Ons”, and allow you to pick the correct selection in the first attempt. 

Here’s how to add them:

Click the Option Groups Button.

Click near the Option Group for which you want to add context. 

Select “Edit Option Group

Add context in the “Unique Description” field for easy identification of the Option Group

Click Save

Add Context to Option Groups

How To Add Options to Your Option Groups

Within Option Groups are your Option Items. So, back to our cheeseburger combo example. If sides and drinks are your option groups, then a small fry and a Diet Coke would be your Option Items.

Here’s how to add them:

  1. Click the “Add Option” button
  2. Choose between New Option or Existing Option.
  3. If you choose “New Option”, add new options to your Option Group (e.g. Add Bacon, Add Fried Egg).  And if you select “Existing Options”, choose from the current list of available Options Items to add to your Option Group.

Add Options to Your Option Groups

How to Upload and Replace Menu Images

Have some fresh new pics that make your menu items look as good as they taste? Great, let’s get them uploaded. 

  1. Click “Create Item” or “Edit Item
  2. Click “Browse” from the Menu Photo
  3. Select an image, adjust it however you like and click “Save

PIC TIPS: The minimum resolution for images is 2100px x 1400px and maximum file size is 6 MB.

Want to take better photos of your menu items? 

Get some tips here.

How to Set Time Availability for Items and Categories

Only serve breakfast items until noon? Or maybe you want to create a Happy Hour category from 4pm to 7pm, Monday to Friday? No problem. You can set unique time availability for these items and categories. 

Here’s how:

  1. Click Menu
  2. Click    beside the menu item you want to add time availability to
  3. Click Add Availability
  4. Change the From and To sections to your selected times
  5. Check off the available days
  6. Click Save Changes

Set Time Availability

How to Add Alcohol Items to Your Menu

Want to add wine, beers, and cocktails to your menu? No problem. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Connect with your Account Manager to provide your liquor license number.
  2. They will then generate the provincial “Docusign” agreement for you to sign and submit.
  3. Then you’re ready to go! You can start adding and editing your menu using the MSS tool in the Portal. 
  4. Don’t forget to set the item tax category as “alcohol” in the MSS tool. Once you do, you will have to also fill in the Alcohol by Volume (ABV), Size Description, and Quantity fields.

For more details and video tutorials on adding alcohol items to your menu, check out our blog story, Drink menu? Now easier than ever.

And there you have it. Full control over your own menu with the greatest of ease. You’ve got the power! 

Still need a hand with the Menu Self-Serve feature? Here are the best ways to get help from Skip

Introducing ‘Create and Add’ Another Button

We have introduced a new ‘Create and Add Another’ button which keeps you on the Create page allowing you to add as many as Categories, or Items, or Options Groups, or Options avoiding going back and forth when you need to add multiple entities to your menu. 

How to use ‘Create and Add’ Another Button

  1. For example if you want to create 3 new Categories, click on the ‘Create Category’ button and follow the process
  2. Click Create Category
  1. Add Category Name, Description, and Availability
  2. Now instead of clicking Create to save the category, you may click on the ‘Create & Add Another’ button to add another category.
  3. This will Save the newly created category as well as keep you on the Create Category empty page to add another Category.
  4. Once you are done adding all 3 Categories, you may either click on the Create button that takes you to the main page. OR if you click on Create & Add Another button, then you need to click on Back button to take you to the main page.
  5. Repeat steps for Item, Option Groups, and Options creations. 

Create & Add Another button

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