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The top 6 eGrocery trends we’re seeing for 2023.


When it comes to consumer shopping trends, there’s probably no industry that has to adapt more to shopper behaviours, preferences, and attitudes than the grocery industry. And with the rise of eGrocery delivery in the past couple of years, it’s never been more important to understand what’s shaping consumers’ minds and, therefore, shopping habits. Following the latest trends in food and restaurant industry, now it is time to share the top consumer trends we’re seeing in eGrocery as we take a dive into 2023. 

1. Lots of love for local. 

It’s a stat we saw on the rise in 2022 and it’s totally gaining steam this year. Shopping for local produce helps people feel more connected to their community, as well as their food, and shopping online can help them discover even more unique products with a local spin. 

2. Craving to kick it old-school. 

Nostalgia is back in a big way. In fact, it was one of the dominant themes in grocery trends in 2022. Call it a childhood comfort or a desire to make what’s old new again, we’re seeing all kinds of comeback snacks re-emerging on eGrocery store shelves, from cereals to cookies to chips, and beyond. 

3. Preference for plant-based. 

The past few years have seen a rise in plant-based preferences, whether consumers are completely overhauling their diets and becoming vegetarians or simply dipping their toes in on Meatless Mondays. And we see plenty of plant-based brands upping their grocery game to keep up with more sophisticated offerings. 

4. Deepening desire to DIY. 

Social media sites, like TikTok, have blown the do-it-yourself doors wide open. As people get back to hosting events and get-togethers at home, they’re impressing their guests with the latest food and drink trends sweeping the socials. That includes eGrocery shopping online for cool food and drink kits, as well as unique ingredients for their creations. 

5. Consuming even more consciously. 

Another statistic we’ve seen a rise in the last couple of years is consumers building a community through food. They care more about transparency and are continuing to gravitate toward brands and stores that carry mission-based and value-oriented items with authentic ingredients that have been ethically sourced and sustainably packaged. 

6. Plunging into private label. 

Private label brands are having a moment right now. With rising food costs, the sticker shock of name brand items is becoming a bit too much for consumers to handle, sending them on the hunt for more value-based, private label brands. 

As 2023 gets off to a soaring start, it appears that diverse offerings and sustainable solutions will continue to win in the eGrocery industry. Something to keep in mind when stocking those virtual shelves.

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