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Debunking the top 3 myths about grocery e-commerce.


It’s no secret that online grocery shopping has been booming over the last few years. Now, while it’s true that you need to be compelling with what you’re selling, some are hesitant to dip their toes in the grocery e-commerce waters due to industry folklore. And we’re here to dispel those myths once and for all. 

Myth #1: People don’t buy fresh food online. 

Since the pandemic, the popularity of shopping for groceries online has soared. In fact, online supermarkets and eGrocery stores have made over nine billion dollars in sales in the last couple of years. Not only that, but fresh fruits and vegetables topped the list as the second most purchased items online.  

[Source: Statista – Online grocery market in Canada: statistics & facts. Statistics. December 2022]

Myth #2: Online grocery shopping is impersonal. 

Though some people are of the mind that online shopping doesn’t have the same personal touch that in-store shopping does, it’s actually quite the opposite. Many of them offer personalized recommendations based on past purchases, as well as stellar customer service to help with any questions or concerns. But that’s not enough to convert them. 

If online grocers want to succeed in today’s competitive landscape and draw in more customers, they have to lower their costs, lower their minimum order spend, protect quality and freshness, and offer enhanced, personalized customer support (more on that later).  

[Source: McKinsey & Company – The Next Horizon For Grocery E-commerce beyond the Pandemic. Article. April 2022]

Myth #3: Most e-commerce customers don’t like using chatbots for customer service. 

These days, customers don’t just want static relationships with companies they buy from, they want the whole enchilada. That’s why enhanced customer service is so important. 

Chatbots, for instance, can answer customers’ questions, automate shopping experiences, provide multilingual support, and gather feedback and data — all day, every day. The best part is, they do it without getting tired and without a yearly salary. That makes them the perfect addition to any business looking to offer their customers the omnichannel experience for support. 

[Source: Seven trends that could impact grocery in 2023 and beyond. Canadian Grocer. Article. January 5, 2023.]

Looking to take your grocery business online? Hopefully, this helped clear the air so you can focus on taking things to the next level.

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