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Promo like a pro


In our introduction to the Skip Portal, we outline the handy promotions you can use to help increase your orders, including Top Placement, Free Delivery, and Free Items. Now, we want to show you what they can do to increase your business. You’re gonna love these numbers. 

Top placement puts you on top.

You have a lot of competition for hungry mouths in your city. Top Placement is a tool you can use to move your name to the top of the list on our Customer Skip App for even more visibility. 


That’s the average increase in a restaurant’s weekly order volume during the promo, in comparison to the rest of the network. Not bad, eh?


And this is the average Return on Investment on your weekly paid subscription price. Even better!


Average menu conversion when using the Top Placement promotion. That means that for every 10 customers that check out your menu, two of them place an order. Compare this to the off-promotion figure of 12%. Keep in mind, you can explore ways to increase menu conversion with restaurant promotion ideas.


And this is the average additional menu views you could be getting every week of your promotion!

Free delivery promos really deliver.

While a delivery fee may make up only a small percentage of a customer’s entire bill, a Free Delivery promo can make a big difference when it comes to higher conversion rates. 


More than half of Skip customers sort by “delivery fee.” And guess which restaurants they choose most often? Yup, those with free delivery! 


And this is the average Return on Investment. Not too shabby. 

Who doesn’t love free items?

Free Item promos are a great way to reward your customers – and grow your Average Order Value. 


The average increase to Average Order Value. That means customers are willing to up their spend to get something extra for free.


The average Return on Investment to your restaurant. This accounts for about 40% of food cost on the whole order and NAC.


Average increase in order volume.


Average increase in revenue.

So, ready to get promo-ing?

Simply activate your promotions in the Skip Portal and we will take care of the rest.

Have an idea for a promotion?
We’re all ears! Message us in the ‘Comment’ section below to share your ideas for new promotion options.

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