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5 ways to wow a crowd with videos.


Let’s face it — we’re visual creatures living in a visual world. And that’s exactly what makes video marketing such a game-changer. This powerful tool can transform your message into a vehicle that captivates customers, sparking the emotional connection they crave from the brands they love. The other big draw on the business side is that it lets you go beyond traditional marketing to create more immersive experiences. Whether through behind-the-scenes glimpses, customer testimonials, or menu masterpieces, we’re going to take a closer look at how you can use video marketing to boost business. 

First, why video marketing? 

With 75% of consumers watching videos at least once a day and a whopping 87% of them wishing brands would post more of them, we have to ask, why not? If Tik Tok and Instagram have taught us anything, it’s that video marketing will continue to be the wave of the future. And successful businesses will have to ride that wave to stay ahead of the game.

(SOURCE: Article, March 2024)

So, what type of video ideas pack a punch? 

There are all kinds of things you can showcase, but here are some standouts that really grab attention:  

Customer testimonials.

It’s no secret, people listen to people. That’s what makes customer testimonials one of the most powerful types of videos out there. Not only do they instill trust in your brand, they reinforce a sense of community. So, how can you create customer testimonial videos of your own? Ask a regular if you can capture them on video talking about what they love about your business (just a quick 30-second clip). Or, even easier, collect several customer reviews from the Skip Portal and cut them together to showcase all at once (psst, here are some other great ways to use reviews).

Menu showcases.

If you want more people to see what you’ve got, give it to them. Show off what you do best. Pick a favourite and give a little backstory about it, what inspired it, maybe even how it put you on the map. You could even shoot a simple video featuring a collection of popular menu items or products to give a taste of what you deliver. Best part is, you can just cut together the images you already use on your menu (no need for a reshoot). Don’t have any to start with? Here’s some tips on how to take pics that pop

Video blogs.

Speaking of menu items, have a special dish you’re putting on your summer menu featuring fresh and seasonal ingredients? Or is there a new food trend you can’t wait to try out (like maybe one of these 2024 trends)? Take a video of your creation being cooked and plated, then edit it down to a 15-second montage to throw up on your socials and really get those mouths watering. If you have a grocery or convenience store, give a little video tour of your new health food section or on-the-go snack display. The more you can help customers interact with your business, the better your business will be.

Community happenings. 

Lending a hand in your local community? Sponsoring a neighbourhood event? Take a video of the action or interview the organizer to help bring attention to the cause. Anything you can do to show your local love will strengthen your bond with the community and enhance your brand’s appeal. 

Tips to help put the va-va-voom in your videos.

  1. Keep it short, simple, and sweet. 

Us humans aren’t known for our long attention spans, especially online. That’s why it’s crucial to capture attention quickly. Try to keep your videos under 15 seconds whenever possible and, if you do go over, just make sure the content is worth stickin’ around for. 

  1. Don’t forget what makes you, you.

Remember, there’s no other business out there that does what you do. Sure, others may have similar offerings, but the heart and soul of your business is yours alone and it should be reflected and celebrated in everything you do. Especially when it comes to your marketing. So be authentic and make it memorable. 

  1. Take it to the next level. 

If you want to keep things cheap and cheerful, you can shoot the raw video and edit it yourself with a little help from easy-to-use (and free!) apps like Movavi. If you want to step it up, bring in an expert to shoot the content that’ll bring your video vision to life. 

Once you’ve created your video masterpieces, get them out there. Throw them up on your socials, splash them on your site, even plug them in your paid advertising if you can — and keep them coming. They’ll give new and regular customers all the more reason to want what you’ve got.

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