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From stars to success: 6 great ways to use customer reviews.


In today’s more-competitive-than-ever world, customer reviews are one of the most effective marketing tools at your disposal — in fact, 85% of customers treat reviews like recommendations from friends and family. Not only can they help you refine sales and customer service strategies, but this powerful secret weapon also plays a vital role in building credibility, winning over more customers, and amping up your search engine optimization (SEO) game.

A while back we showed you how tso get more of those precious reviews. Now we’re going to show you what to do with them to help build your business in a big way. 

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  1. Stay on top of them. 

What’s just as important as getting those reviews? Responding to each and every one— positive and negative. While it’s easy to answer back to the good ones, your responses to the negative reviews have the opportunity to be just as show-stopping as the positive ones. So, what to do if you get a not-so-favourable review? Take accountability: Embrace the feedback, apologize for any shortcomings, and lay out the steps you’re going to take to right the wrong. We all make mistakes, but it’s how you respond that makes all the difference.

  1. Show them off in all their glory. 

Have a bunch of sparkling reviews? Say it loud and proud. Get them on your socials, throw them up on your landing page, use them in your marketing materials — let the world know how much others love your business. Spoiled for choice? Showcase the ones that talk about your unique offerings and what makes your business so special to help attract new customers and grow those numbers.  

  1. Pepper them through your paid advertising.  

Let’s face it, competition out there is fierce. And in the online landscape saturated with ads and info, it can be tough to stand out and grab people’s attention. So, what’s a business to do? Use those reviews in your paid advertisements, that’s what. Anyone can make claims like “Best burger in town!”, but those generic statements often get overlooked. When you incorporate actual sentiments from real customers about your business specifically, they’re awfully hard to dispute.      

  1. Drop them into your email marketing campaigns. 

It’s easy for a business to sing its own praises. Naturally, you have a vested interest in promoting your brand. But it’s an entirely different story when you have happy customers sharing their experiences without any ulterior motive. That’s why using reviews in your email marketing campaigns is extremely effective in building trust, while injecting the human element into your brand’s narrative. Want more fresh advertising ideas? Have a look at this helpful list.

  1. Use them to elevate the customer experience. 

You know what they say, if a lot of people are saying the same thing, it’s worth paying attention to. Reviews can help you identify areas of improvement as well as give you an idea of what’s resonating with your customers. You can then use this info to fine-tune your offerings and better your business.

  1. Share them with the team.  

Nothing boosts morale like a little positive reinforcement. Since reviews often call out exceptional staff members, sharing them helps validate their efforts and gives the rest of the team something to aspire to. Great reviews can also go a long way in team-building as they encourage staff to continue working together for the greater good. 

To sum up, think of reviews as your business’ super power. Not only can they help you improve operations and communications, they can also help you stand out in the sea of sameness. 

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