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Smarter, faster, better: 7 ways to get AI to work for you. 


In the world of foodservice, staying on top of your game means embracing innovation to help save time, amp up business, and stay on top of the day-to-day hustle. That’s where conversational AI platforms that generate human-like responses (ChatGPT, for example) come in handy. Not only can they help you come up with crafty new dishes, plate descriptions, and marketing promos, they can even help you whip up the perfect customer review responses that completely match your brand’s vibe. Here’s how:

  1. Create new dishes that are right on-brand. 

Looking to come up with new creations for your vegetarian restaurant or need some help filling out your dessert menu? AI can help. The key is to enter in as much detail as you can so you get ideas that are right for your restaurant. Be sure to include important keywords like the type of cuisine you feature, dietary preferences you want to accommodate, current food trends, and/or unique flavour combinations.   

Prompt suggestions: “Help me create a vegetarian appetizer that incorporates seasonal ingredients.” OR “Invent a decadent dessert that pairs well with port wine.”

  1. Make that dish (or any dish) sound like a mouthwatering masterpiece.

Have the new plate down to a science in the kitchen? Time to make it sound irresistible. Enter in your recipe details, like the ingredients and cuisine type, as well as the desired length you’d like the description to be. If you have a theme for your restaurant, you can include that too to make it truly ownable. 

Prompt suggestions: “Write me an incredibly appealing 12-word menu description for a new burger featuring [ingredients] with a [restaurant theme] spin.” OR “Craft a captivating 10-word description for our new artisanal pasta dish made with [key ingredient] and [sauce type].”

  1. Reimagine recipes to reach new customers. 

Not only can you use these helpful AI platforms to create completely new recipes, you can also use them to recreate the ones you already have. For example, say you want to put a vegetarian spin on a carnivorous classic. AI can help you do just that in a snap. 

Prompt suggestions: “Reinvent this chicken salad wrap into a protein-packed vegan bowl showcasing [ingredients] and write it in 15 words or less.” OR “Transform this decadent brownie dessert into a gluten-free indulgence including [alternative grains].”

  1. Produce marketing promo ideas that pop. 

It’s no secret that promotions drive sales, whether it’s a discount, dollars off, or a good old BOGO. But what about ideas you may have never thought of before, like a themed menu night or a collaborative event with another local business or charity? AI can help you expand your marketing horizons in all kinds of ways that can benefit business.  

Prompt suggestions: “Brainstorm ideas to promote our upcoming new [menu item/product] launch.” OR “Think of innovative ways to leverage technology, like QR code promos or mobile app discounts to elevate the customer experience.” 

  1. Come up with engaging social posts.

We all know how important it is to maintain an active social media presence when it comes to marketing your business. Luckily, AI can help you craft compelling headlines, captions, posts, and even hashtags based on your business’ tone of voice to get your message out there. 

Prompt suggestions: “Craft a social post inviting followers to participate in our ‘Caption This’ contest.” OR “Create a series of social posts promoting our Happy Hour deals.”

  1. Make delicious drink-pairing suggestions. 

Don’t have the money to pay a sommelier to make wine suggestions? No problem. You can use AI to your advantage to create cocktail (or mocktail) suggestions that complement your star dishes without having to shell out money and time for professional services. 

Prompt suggestions: “Create a range of comforting cocktails to pair with a winter-themed menu.” OR “Craft whiskey pairings for [steak offerings] that showcase diverse whiskey regions.”

  1. Help craft customer review responses (positive and negative). 

When it comes to owning a business, there might be nothing more important than customer reviews. A whopping 98% of consumers read them – that means responding to them is everything. Good news is, AI’s got your back and can help you tailor responses in the same tone as your brand’s voice. Looking for some other helpful ways to use those customer reviews to your advantage? Check this out.


Prompt suggestions: “Generate a response to a mixed review praising our innovative menu but expressing disappointment with portion sizes.” OR “Craft a reply to a positive review commending our restaurant’s ambiance and serving staff.”

As you can see, embracing AI can open up all kinds of business opportunities to enhance efficiency. So you can spend less time on operations and more time doing what you love.

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