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Perfect summer pairings for your menu.


The sun is shining, the birds are chirping. And that means it’s time for more backyard dinners. Updating your menu with top selling summer menu food items will make your customers hungry. On top of it, your customers are going to love our 8 eight food and drink combinations— perfectly paired for summer.

Rosé x Rosé.

PERFECT PAIR: Creamy rosé pasta with crisp, cool rosé wine

WHY THEY GO GREAT TOGETHER: Red is usually great with hearty meat sauces. But in the summertime, customers may be looking for something a little lighter. Rosé wines are the perfect compromise. And they pair with summer seafood-and-pasta dishes in creamy rosé sauces. 

Brews and ‘cues.

PERFECT PAIR: Beer and barbecue? Of course.

WHY THEY GO GREAT TOGETHER: Just because it’s a classic combination, doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with your pairings. Contrasting sweeter barbecue sauce with sour beers. Or balancing smokier BBQ with a bold stout that can stand up to it.  

On the lighter side.

PERFECT PAIR: Mocktails and Light Snacks

WHY THEY GO GREAT TOGETHER: Lighter snack fare (like fresh rolls, summer charcuterie boards, and sushi) can pair great with a mocktail for those who wanted to enjoy some daytime refreshments – without the alcohol content. 

Orange ya glad?

PERFECT PAIR: Orange Wine and BBQ Kebabs

WHY THEY GO GREAT TOGETHER: Orange wine is the latest in vino trends. With notes of the aromatic quince fruit, it can be a perfect match for Middle Eastern cuisine, like grilled lamb kebabs. 

Hot and cool.

PERFECT PAIR: Cool crisp ciders with spicy Thai dishes.

WHY THEY GO GREAT TOGETHER: Ciders often come in more interesting floral and fruity flavours that can stand up to Thai’s complexities. 

Southern comfort.

PERFECT PAIR: Vodka Lemonade and Fried Chicken.

WHY THEY GO GREAT TOGETHER: This one conjures images of hot Southern U.S. heat.

Viva Mexico!

PERFECT PAIR: Palomas and Birria Tacos

WHY THEY GO GREAT TOGETHER: Sure, Margaritas are the go-to summer cocktails. But why not switch it up with the tangy, smokey combination of mezcal and grapefruit juice and pair it with the hottest taco trend: spicy Birria tacos.

And something for dessert.

THE PERFECT PAIR: Lavender cocktails with desserts. 

WHY THEY GO GREAT TOGETHER: Lavender-infused cocktails are all the rage this summer, like lavender lemonade and the lavender Collins. The aromatic flowers happen to pair great with creamy desserts, including flan, cheesecakes, and crème brulée. 

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