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Grocerants: Meet the trend that’s feeding our future.


It’s a grocery store. It’s a restaurant. It’s a grocerant! Get to know the hybrid business model that’s taking Canada by storm. 

What is a grocerant exactly? 

Providing a unique twist on the modern dine-in experience, the grocerant offers customers a restaurant-like quality experience at grocery store prices. Though it isn’t a particularly new concept, it has certainly been gaining some steam across the country over the last few years. And for good reason.

With dining counters, in-house cafes, and homemade takeout meals on the menu, this cross-combo concept invites customers to stop in and enjoy a quality meal (or pick one up to bring home) and get their grocery shopping done at the same time.

Who does the grocerant appeal to? 

This concept is super appealing to just about anyone who is time-strapped and juggling the demands of a busy lifestyle. In fact, two-thirds of Canadians (62%) purchase prepared meals at the grocery store and, of those, 49% do so on a weekly basis. But there’s one demographic that’s driving the rise of the trend: millennials. With a preference for fresh, less-processed foods, they’re also motivated by the fact that they can get a variety of prepared meals at a decent price.


Where can you find them? 

They’re popping up all over the map, but here’s just a little taste of what’s out there. 

Toronto Eataly, the dynamic grocerant concept that started in Italy over 15 years ago, made its way to Toronto in 2019. It offers a curated blend of high-quality groceries, along with a diverse array of authentic Italian cuisine, all under one roof.

Winnipeg – Over in Manitoba, Mottola Grocery lets you grab a bite and a spritz as you cruise the aisles for delicious goodies, from weekly grocery items to local vendor treasures. 

Montreal – Want to sink your teeth into a nice, pressed sandwich while you pick up some of the finest grocery essentials around? Head over to Montreal’s Bossa for a real culinary treat. 

What does the future look like for the grocerant? 

It’s safe to say that this trend isn’t going anywhere. Back in 2021, the prepared meals market in Canada was valued at $5.3 billion. Today, ready-made meals are forecasted to bring in the fastest value growth from 2021 until 2026.      


So, next time you’re torn between picking up fresh produce and enjoying a delicious meal, why not do both? 

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