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8 exciting food & drink trends for summer ’23.


One of the best parts about summer? All of the amazing food and drink trends that come along with it. From charcoal to the food bowl to the ice cream roll, this is going to be one scrumptious season.

  • Salmon poke bowl with fresh avocado.
    #Bowlgoals - Poke bowls and grain bowls and smoothie bowls, oh my. Food bowls are trending hard this summer — and for good reason. They’re a great way to cover all the food bases: proteins, grains, vegetables (or fruit) and sauces, all in one dish. With a never-ending range of possible flavour combinations from sweet to salty, this fun trend is an easy one to put on the menu.
  • A mason jar with ice cream, drizzled with chocolate sauce and garnished with savoury pretzels.
    I dream of (savoury?) ice cream - Potato chips. Salty pretzels. French fries. Beloved ice cream is the latest dessert fave to jump on the sweet ‘n salty train, and we’re all aboard. Some are even pushing the boundaries beyond by adding funkier flavours like black garlic, blue cheese, and balsamic vinegar. Why not try one out as a summer special and see if it tempts some tastebuds?
  • Alcohol-infused wheels of cheese.
    Booze + Cheese? Yes please! - Sure, wine and beer are natural pairings for cheese, but what about putting alcohol in the cheese? From beer to wine to classic liquors, cheese makers are getting creative with what they’re adding to our favourite fromages. We’re talking wine-washed goat cheese, blue cheese soaked in blonde ale, and even cheese infused with limoncello (seriously!). Add a boozy charcuterie to your menu or offer one as an addition to your existing sandwiches.
  • Two dill pickle jars on a wooden table.
    Kind of a big dill. - Step aside avocados, it’s the pickle’s time to shine. While the pickle itself is nothing new, the dill-icious products and menu dishes out on the market are definitely interesting (dill pickle cotton candy anyone?). From convenience and grocery store products like pickle-flavoured almonds, pretzels, chips and dips to new restaurant faves like pickle pizza, this trend is ready to put the pucker in your summer.
  • Vegan burger dressed with tomato and lettuce, in a charcoal bun.
    Go over to the dark side - So long rainbows and unicorns, activated charcoal is here to steal your thunder. This visually striking food trend is the star behind the black food craze, showing up in everything from cold-pressed juices to ice creams to pizza crusts. The great thing about taking advantage of this one is that you can make it an easy addition (or substitution) to one of your existing menu items. Charcoal bun burgers anyone?
  • A pitcher and couple of glasses of refreshing lemon sparkling water garnished with mint.
    Time to make a splash - With more and more people jumping on the non-booze train, infused sparkling waters are more popular than ever. Products like new Canadian favourite, Sap Sucker, is a great one to stock on the shelves or offer up on the menu. You can even get creative and make your own to serve to customers infused with different fruits, cucumbers, or even herbs.
  • Matcha cake decorated with edible purple flowers.
    Flower power - One of the biggest trends in the culinary world right now is edible flowers. Not only do they add a fragrant and colourful pop to dishes that could use a little oomph, but they can also be added as an ingredient to kick your regular recipes up a notch. From mild and sweet to peppery and tart, there are all kinds of delicious flowers you can experiment with in your dishes, including viola, calendula, hibiscus, and lavender.
  • Wooden bowl of sesame seeds.
    Open sesame - Sesame seeds have been around for centuries but this summer they’re having a major moment. They’re popping up in plant-based dairy aisles in the form of milks and creamers, they’re also showing up in more surprising places like in oatmeal, ice cream and seed butters. If you’re looking to add a little sesame to your menu, you can experiment far beyond hummus and tahini. Add it to burgers, breads, brownies, you name it — this seed is ready to take the world by storm.

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