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Mark your summer calendars.


Summer is almost here, which is reason enough to celebrate. Need a few more reasons? Here are 9 tasty national food days to inspire your menu offerings — and draw in customers — all season long.

Say cheese.

THE DAY: June 4th, National Cheese Day

HOW TO BRING IT TO YOUR MENU: Sprinkled on pasta, melted on burgers, stuffed into sandwiches, or simply enjoyed on its own, there’s no wrong way to cheese it up.
Don’t forget about your lactose-intolerant customers. Consider adding some dairy-free cheeses to your menu items.

Iced, iced, baby.

THE DAY: June 10th, National Iced Tea Day

HOW TO BRING IT TO YOUR MENU: The heat sure works up a thirst. The quintessential summer-time refreshment can take many forms: thick and rich Thai iced tea, cool and spicy iced chai, or classic black tea with lemon, to name a few. Heck, even a convenient can to go will do!
If your restaurant can deliver alcohol, consider crafting some boozy iced tea cocktails!

One sandwich short of a picnic?

THE DAY: June 18th, National Picnic Day

HOW TO BRING IT TO YOUR MENU: It’s time to get out of the house! Customers may be itching to enjoy your offerings for a lunch or dinner outside, and this is the perfect day to do it.
SKIP TIP: Do your part for the environment. Look for eco-friendly cutlery options and napkins made from recycled materials.

TGI Fry-day!
July 6th, National Fried Chicken Day

HOW TO BRING IT TO YOUR MENU: A few of our faves: classic brined in buttermilk, Korean fried chicken (served with beer, and known as chi-mac), and the Japanese variation, karaage.
Provide plenty of napkins for customers’ greasy fingers. 

Into the blue.

THE DAY: July 10, Pick Blueberries Day

HOW TO BRING IT TO YOUR MENU: It’s prime time for freshly-picked blueberries! And while we get that you probably don’t have time to go pick them yourself, ask your produce suppliers for local blueberries when possible. They’re perfect for smoothies, pancakes, sauces for poultry and meats, preserves, scones, and cheesecake.
While frozen blueberries will work in a pinch, there’s nothing like fresh ones!

The French fry connection. 

THE DAY: July 13th, National French Fry Day

HOW TO BRING IT TO YOUR MENU: It doesn’t matter what the main course is, we’re eating the fries first.
No one likes soggy fries. The right delivery packaging can ensure they arrive at a customer’s home as crispy as when they left your kitchen.

Ice cream, you scream.

THE DAY: July 16th,  Ice Cream Day

HOW TO BRING IT TO YOUR MENU: Ice cream is the treat of summer. Keep your menu stocked with fresh summer flavours.
Look for packaging that can help keep ice cream frozen during delivery time.

Burger time.

THE DAY: July 28th, National Hamburger Day

HOW TO BRING IT TO YOUR MENU: Nothing says summer in the backyard like a hamburger right off the grill.
Consider variations on the classic that make hamburgers possible even for those with dietary restrictions: turkey burgers, chicken burgers, or meat-free!

Cheers to that.

THE DAY: August 8th, International Beer Day

HOW TO BRING IT TO YOUR MENU: Two words: ice cold! In the summer, a cold beer basically pairs well with everything. 

SKIP TIP: If possible, look for unique local brewers in your area for options that will make your restaurant stand out.

It’s getting hot in here.

THE DAY: August 19th, National Hot ‘n’ Spicy Food Day

HOW TO BRING IT TO YOUR MENU: From jerk chicken to Sichuan hot pot, tacos birria to tom yum soup, our mouths (and eyes) are already watering for this day!

SKIP TIP: Provide customers with options for spice levels. 

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