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Les Premiers Vendredis: Canada’s favourite foodie event.


Since 2012, Les Premiers Vendredis (or First Friday of every month), has been a flagship street food event in Montreal from June to October on the esplanade of the Olympic Park. Featuring over 50 food trucks and restaurateurs, it’s the foodie event of the year and the largest gathering of its kind in the whole country. 

This year marked its 10th anniversary and, for the first time, Skip was the Official Presenter. Few months back, SKIP also sponsored Canada’s largest Food Service event fo the year. We’re happy to say the event was a great success. Here’s how it all went down. 

Les Premiers Vendredis

How did Skip represent at the festival? 

On-site for all seven festival days with our very own Skip branded food truck and family-friendly terrace, we made it our mission to spread even more comfort and joy to the festivities. We also co-branded the arch gateway entrance and exit to the site, plus we deployed brand ambassadors to roam the grounds and engage festivalgoers with vouchers. 

What did Skip do to support and benefit our Restaurant Partners? 

Each month, Les Premiers Vendredis promoted a different cuisine theme, so Skip chose a new Partner per festival to fit the particular theme of the month. Each of the seven Partners served a small menu of signature items from the Skip food truck and kept 100% of the revenue. 

Which Skip Partners participated? 


Festival date: June 3, 2022

Location: Olympic Stadium

Theme: Mexican

Featured Partner: Tacos Frida

IG handle: @tacosfridamtl


Festival date: July 1, 2022

Location: Olympic Stadium

Theme: Brazilian

Featured Partner: Acajou BR

IG handle: @acajoubr


Festival date: August 5, 2022

Location: Old Port

Theme: Indian

Featured Partner: SpiceBros

IG handle: @spicebros

Festival date: August 6, 2022

Location: Old Port

Theme: Filipino/Hawaiian

Featured Skip Partner: Le Petit Vibe

IG handle:  @restaurantlepetitvibe

Festival date: August 7, 2022

Location: Old Port

Theme: Hawaiian 

Featured Partner: Ono Pokii

IG handle: @onopokii


Festival date: September 2, 2022

Location: Olympic Stadium

Theme: Vietnamese

Featured Partner: Le Petit Sao

IG handle: @lepetitsao


Festival date: October 7, 2022

Location: Olympic Stadium

Theme: Barbeque 

Featured Partner: Seasoned Dreams

IG handle: @seasoneddreams

So, what were the results? 

We’re happy to say that the festival was a huge success, driving incremental sales of over $20K for our participating Partners. In addition, those participants also saw an uptick across all metrics in the month after the festival:

+43% Order Volume

+37% Customers

+31% New Sales

+53% New to Brand

+50% New Users

But don’t just take our word for it. 

Check out what a couple of our featured Partners had to say about the event:

We truly appreciate the invitation and the attention you gave to us. We had a lot of fun and it was a great experience!

Tacos Frida

Thank you again for having thought of us and had us do a collab with you. It was indeed a great success – we practically doubled our projections! We’re very grateful to have done it and would like to do it again if you ever have a spot for us at any events. Thanks again for all the help and support, the whole team was very helpful and kind!

Le Petit Sao

In the end, we were honoured to be a part of such a successful event that allowed us to showcase some of our incredible Restaurant Partners and the food that put them on the map.

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