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Growing together with Skip | A Skip Partner case study.


Meet Jason Seitanidis, the owner and manager of Matador Pizza and Steakhouse, Calgary’s first Greek-style pizza joint. 

Matador originally opened in 1976, but Seitanidis didn’t buy it until 2008. Since then, he has helped navigate its growth – going from a mom-and-pop shop to a staff of 51 while still maintaining its sense of local warmth and comfort. (Must try: the Traditional Greek pizza with red onions, garlic, tomatoes, oregano, spinach, black olives, and feta!)

Skip, as their exclusive delivery partner, has been a part of that growth, delivering 52 orders a day on average. 

Why go exclusive with Skip? Seitanidis says, “My clients are loyal, so I should be loyal to my clients and partners. We are very happy with the amount of business we do with Skip. My belief is that the more we can invest with each other the more growth opportunities we can avail together”  

And customers are happy with the relationship too, as Matador typically has an impressive 9.8 Skip Score. So, what’s Seitanidis’s secret? Having a simple-to-follow process for all Skip couriers, so they maintain his high standard of service. This includes a separate door for delivery orders, where all couriers come through and line up. They must have their delivery bag to keep food hot and fresh and have their order number ready. 

“Make it clear for the drivers so they know exactly where to go and what is expected,” Seitanidis explains. “Have clear signs and a process that makes the experience efficient for getting your product out the door.”

Tasmeen Sandhu, Matador’s Territory Manager, says “Their system is a well-oiled machine.”

It’s also Skip’s commitment to constant improvements that have helped Matador. 

“The Skip app for drivers is streamlined so well and for us, it keeps improving and becoming more user-friendly,” Seitanidis says. 

“As it becomes more intuitive, it becomes easier. The more foolproof we make it, the less room for error.” 

The result for Matador: 92% orders with no issues.

And by getting just what they expect every time, in terms of both food and service, customers keep coming back for more! 

“People want to experience the same thing every time they come in,” Seitanidis says. It’s why he says you need to deliver the Three Cs for restaurant success:

1. Consistency. The client knows what they will get every time.

2. Comfort. A warm place to interact with family and friends. 

3. Connection. Comfort food brings people together. 

Want to hear more insights from Seitanidis about the restaurant industry? Listen to his episode of The Calgary Sessions podcast!

Thinking about going exclusive with Skip, just like Matador? Talk to your Territory Manager for more information.

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