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Skip exclusivity and a restaurant that loves it.


Meet Marco, general manager of Grazie, one of Toronto’s favourite Italian restaurants (with another location in Vaughan). With an impressive run of 30 years and counting, Grazie continues to serve up its famous pizza, pasta, and other Italian dishes in a relaxed, vibrant space, as well as through delivery, thanks to their exclusive partnership with Skip. We chatted with Marco and his Territory Manager Brian about the many benefits of choosing Skip as your one and only delivery partner. Bellissimo!

Exclusivity has its privileges.

The moment you make the commitment to partner with Skip alone, which Grazie did a year ago, you start reaping the rewards. You get a sizeable monthly and annual rebate, first access to new promotions (with a value of over $7000), and more visibility on the Skip app to name a few. Another one? “The low rate was a real draw — that makes a big difference,“ says Marco.

Power to the Portal. 

Keeping up with your business’ numbers is key to understanding what’s working so you can do more of it. Another perk of being a Skip Partner is exclusive access to our Portal, where you can do things like manage your earning statements and keep tabs on your top sellers. “I get the reports I need. I can find out the number of items that are sold each month. It’s pretty good,” says Marco. 

With Skip, you always have someone in your corner. 

As an exclusive Skip Partner, you also get a dedicated Territory Manager to help your business succeed. Not only do they help get you started on the platform, but they also go above and beyond to help you build your business so you can attract more customers. “I had a meeting with my Territory Manager a month or two ago and we talked about introduction to wines. We’ve done that since and have enjoyed additional sales,” says Marco. 

Grazie also wanted to focus on their dine-in customers, with delivery being secondary. Yet another thing that Skip was able to easily help with, thanks to great reports and dedicated Territory Managers. 

Speaking of which, we also followed up with Grazie’s Territory Manager, Brian Winters to see how the popular restaurant relieved some of their pain points since partnering with Skip. “They made some improvements to their delivery pick-ups – they put in specific instructions for couriers to follow, and created a dedicated entrance at the side door,” says Brian. “When I took over at their Yonge St. location, 2-3% of orders were being rejected. We narrowed it down to a staffing issue and now they have a dedicated person answering the tablet so they get a lot fewer guest complaints,” says Brian. 

So how does being an exclusive Skip Partner compare? 

At Skip, we take care of your business as if it were our own. So, naturally, we want to do everything in our power to make sure your business gets to where it needs to be. 

Marco says, “We were very unhappy with the service that we were using before Skip. Now, customers are happier. Drivers are more polite when they come in. We are exclusive with Skip at both locations. It’s definitely a win-win situation.” 

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