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Where is Our Food Headed?


From the at-home sourdough craze to park hangs, the COVID-19 pandemic—and ongoing lockdowns—have changed the way we eat, perhaps forever. A new survey from Deloitte, The Future of Food: A Canadian Perspective, gives us a sense of where things may be headed. Here’s the Skip take on some of their surprising findings and what they mean for the future of your business. 


THEIR FINDINGS: 15% of respondents tried a 3rd-party food delivery service (like Skip!) for the very first time during the pandemic. And 69% said they would continue in the future.

OUR TAKEAWAY: If customers were dragging their feet on trying a food delivery service, the pandemic lockdowns certainly encouraged them to move past their hesitations. And it seems like many liked what they got and are now here to stay! That’s great news for your business going forward.


THEIR FINDINGS: 64% of respondents said they’re more interested in how food impacts their health and immunity

OUR TAKEAWAY: While we don’t know enough yet about the relationship between what we eat and COVID-19, Canadians are sure thinking more about their health. How can you respond? By offering more nourishing menu items made with fresh produce and whole foods. 


THEIR FINDINGS: 85% of consumers say they’ve spent more on fresh produce; 79% say more on plant-based milks and other non-dairy products; and 72% say more on alternative meat products

OUR TAKEAWAY: More than anything, the pandemic made people think more about their health and how food impacts how they feel—and how what they eat impacts the Earth. That means looking for more dairy and meat alternatives. So, whether you’re a coffee shop or a burger joint, you may want to consider adding these to your offerings.


THEIR FINDINGS: 61% of Canadians are concerned about the amount of packaging used for food ordered online.

OUR TAKEAWAY: While we’ve certainly been thinking about our own health more lately, we’ve also been thinking about the health of the planet more as well. It’s why, last year, Skip began a new partnership with Friendlier, a Canadian packaging company that creates reusable packages for take-out food orders. Read more about our program here.

At Skip, we’re committed to helping our restaurant partners deliver food to hungry Canadians, and we’re also committed to helping protect our land. Together, with the participation of you and your customers, we can continue to provide quality, convenience, and sustainability.

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