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How We Can Be a Little Friendlier to the Planet


A new SkipTheDishes partnership is helping you bring fresh meals to your customers—while thinking of the environment. 

Friendlier, a revolutionary Canadian packaging company, is the brainchild of founders, Kayli Dale and Jacqui Hutchings. The duo met at the University of Waterloo, while studying chemical engineering. A quick friendship blossomed and their shared passion for the environment and sustainability initiatives led to a game-changing new venture. 


Single-use plastics are one of the biggest contributions to landfills and pollution in our waterways, to the tune of 29,000 tonnes per year. And it is a problem that the Canadian government has recognized and vowed to eliminate by 2030.

Kayli Dale and Jacqui Hutchings

Friendlier was born when Dale and Hutchings noticed that sustainability was not a priority for many corporations. The obstacle for most: new packaging offerings, while great for the environment, were simply not convenient or affordable enough to catch on, while other options didn’t work to keep food in good shape during delivery. 

The type of packages restaurants use is becoming more and more important to customers as well. In fact, according to Friendlier’s research, 84% consider the sustainability of your packaging before deciding to order.

So, armed with this knowledge, Dale and Hutchings set out to use their expertise to help. The result: packages that work to keep food hot and fresh, that are stackable and lightweight, available in eight different sizes—and most important, reusable over 100 times!

Customers are helping to make their product a success, with 91% of containers coming back for re-use. That’s over 50,000 packages saved from landfills already—6,400 pounds of waste and 18,600 pounds of GHG emissions diverted.


In 5 simple steps, customers of participating restaurants can do their part to keep packaging from landfills.

1. Purchase a Meal and select Friendlier packaging when they order through Skip and pay the small deposit fee. 

2. Enjoy their fresh meals delivered right to their door.

3. Scan the QR code with the Friendlier app to claim their deposit.

4. Return the packaging in the collection bin at any participating restaurant.

5.  Receive your deposit through the app.


Restaurant owners are delighted by having the option to continue providing their food delivered fresh and hot to their customers, while also helping the environment. Check out restaurant owners who are already using Friendlier’s packaging to the delight of customers:


Impressed with both the quality and benefits of Friendlier’s packaging, we decided to join forces to help. In May 2021, we partnered with Friendlier to give restaurants and customers a say in packaging. Given the choice, almost half of customers choose Friendlier’s packaging—and that number is only growing. We have already delivered over 28,000 orders using their sustainable packages.

And we’re just getting started!

INTERESTED IN THIS INITIATIVE? Email [email protected] for more information and to find out which locations are eligible for the program.

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