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SKIP RESTAURANT APP 101 | 8 Tricks To Help You Get Ahead Of The Game


As a restaurateur, we know there’s a lot on your plate. And since it’s Skip’s mission in life to make sure your ship is sailing as smoothly as possible, we’re serving up the tricks and tips you need to get the most out of the Restaurant App. A little 101, if you will. Ready? It’s time to pig out. 

1. Log On, Log Off

Working off of a bunch of different devices? No problem! Feel free to log into the App from as many gadgets as you want just remember that when you log out on one, you’ll be logged out on them all. 

2. Reset It And Forget It

Can’t remember your password? We’ve alllll been there. Luckily it’s easy to reset yours right on the login screen itself. All you have to do is tap “Forgot Your Password” on the login screen of the App or the Portal and you’re golden. 

3. Increase Your Default

Busier than popcorn in a skillet? Give yourself more time on orders by updating your default time in the App so we can more accurately time your couriers. If you end up having to push an order, we have to push your courier, which can cause delays (and affect your Skip Score). So as long as you remember to adjust your default time in busy times, you’ll be all good to go.  

4. Off(line) You Go

Can’t handle any more orders at the moment? You can totally pause inbounders by going “Offline”. And here’s the cherry on top: You can come back on at any time and you don’t even need a Support Team Member to help you do it. 

5. Check, Please

Anticipating a busy night? Check your menu ahead of time to make sure you’ve got everything you’re offering. The less cancelled orders you have, the happier your customers (and your Skip Score!) will be. 

6. All App, All The Time

If you have multiple employees using multiple Android tablets to take orders and you don’t want them to use the device for anything else (like peeking on their social media), we’ve got just the ticket. It’s called “Kiosk Mode” and when enabled, the device stays on the Skip App and nothing but the Skip App. 

7. Get A Jump On Courier Reviews

Just like your restaurant, couriers count on reviews too, so it’s a good idea to get them in as quickly as you can. While the hand-off experience with your courier is still fresh in your mind, hit up the App and get your review in quick (and take something off your plate!). You’re able to do it the second they walk out the door. 

8. Four simple ways to mark an item “Out of stock”

Has your kitchen run out of a menu item? We’ve made it easy to update your menu as soon as you notice. Also, if an order has already been placed, you can still mark it out of stock.

Here are four simple ways to mark  an item as temporarily out of stock:

• On the Restaurant  Portal, open your menu and mark the item as “out of stock” from your menu entirely. Watch a quick how-to video here:

• On the Skip App, open Menu Management and mark an item as “out of stock” for a particular duration of time. Watch a quick how-to video here:

If you have noticed an item is out of stock after a customer has already placed an order, make a Live Order Update:

• On the Skip App, tap an item in a live order and mark it “out of stock” for a particular duration of time. Watch how here: 

• Or on the Skip App, tap Help, then Out of Item, and select the duration. Here’s how:

For the best customer experience, always try to keep your menu as up-to-date as possible, rather than marking an item “out of stock” after a customer has placed an order. 

If you ever face issues with SKIP tablet to operate your restaurant app, follow the steps mentioned here. And that’s Skip Restaurant App 101, done and done. We hope you enjoyed eating it up as much as we enjoyed dishing it out. Until next time!

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