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6 DEI strategies to attract top talent and boost business. 


In an industry where diversity thrives in both cuisine and clientele, fostering a culture of equity and inclusion isn’t just valuable, it’s imperative. While a lot of businesses are moving towards a more positive future, there’s still a lot of ground to cover to ensure every member of the community feels respected, supported, and valued. Here are some simple, actionable ways you can champion DEI initiatives with your team and grow in the right direction. 

  1. Actively recruit and attract a diverse team.

Recruiting a diverse team isn’t just about meeting a quota or checking a box, it’s about building a stronger team all around. By actively seeking out people from different backgrounds and cultures, you’re not only broadening your talent pool, you’re also embracing the richness of perspectives, experiences, and talents that diversity brings to the table. Ask people in your network for referrals, post on job boards in different communities, and engage with diversity-focused organizations to expand your reach and attract a range of potential employees.

  1. Recognize holidays of all cultures. 

Creating an inclusive workplace is also about embracing and celebrating the different cultures and backgrounds that make your team unique. That includes recognizing the important holidays they observe. You can even go one better and give employees a paid day off to celebrate those holidays with their families. Not only does it demonstrate respect for their cultural heritages, it shows them that their identities matter and that they’re valued beyond their work skills. 

  1. Keep your door (and mind) open. 

The best way to truly understand your employees’ feelings? Ask them. Encourage an open-door policy so that your team members feel empowered to voice their thoughts openly and honestly. By actively listening to their concerns and perspectives, you’ll gain valuable insights while demonstrating your commitment to creating a supportive environment. It also shows your team that every single voice is being heard. 

  1. Give staff the opportunity to contribute where they can. 

Encourage the servers to throw in a drink suggestion for happy hour. Let the kitchen staff chime in on a new dish and try it out as a special. Ask grocery employees to arrange a creative product display. Welcome input from all team members on some of your creative decisions to promote collaboration and ensure everyone feels like they’re a part of the process. 

  1. Make sure everyone is on the same page. 

Providing proper training to your current staff, including management as well as yourself, is super important to ensure everyone is equipped to uphold DEI principles in their daily interactions and decision-making processes. Plus, fostering a culture of continuous learning and open communication promotes a mutual understanding and respect among staff. 

  1. One word: Respect. 

It’s the one thing that costs nothing and means everything. Respect creates a workplace where employees feel a sense of belonging as well as support for their mental health and wellness. And that has a ripple effect on your business by enhancing performance, engagement, and retention rates — not to mention your ROI. 

At the end of the day, it’s not about having all the right words and actions. The most important thing you can do to support DEI in your business is to continue learning, listening, and evolving. That’s the only way to create space for growth, empathy, and meaningful change.

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