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Skip For Business: A fresh way to feed your team.


Navigating a highly competitive job market and creating a strong culture is an ongoing challenge for companies these days.  

With the evolution of remote work, employers are looking for new ways to incentivize and nurture their teams. Meanwhile, employees want more unique benefits from their job. 

At Skip, we believe that food brings people together and has the power to create joy. We’ve been providing our teams with flexible meal perks since the beginning and now we’re excited to offer the same to companies across Canada. Enter Skip For Business!

Whether it’s for happy hours or weekly lunches, Skip For Business gives you and your employees a wide selection of tasty choices from 47K+ restaurants on the Skip network. It’s not just a new offering; it’s a game-changer for your business. 

How does Skip For Business work?

Skip For Business allows you to treat your team with a food allowance they can use to order delicious meals right off the Skip app. Once you allocate their Skip Pay allowance, your employees can activate their accounts and dig into their local favourites using Skip Pay. 

With a single app and simple setup process, you can efficiently manage your team’s meal allowances and easily customize their perks. It can save you up to 40 hours/year on reporting. 

We also have plenty of helpful tools to make onboarding easy for you and your teams. 

Skip For Business is also cost-effective. You only pay for what your team uses, and with one single invoice billed monthly, you have total control and visibility over your budget. 

Here are some specific reasons Skip For Business partners are using the product…  

1. Attract and retain top talent by providing them with a food allowance that satisfies their cravings and maintains their motivation.

2. Increase engagement, teamwork, and collaboration through shared or personalized meals and fun team-building events like weekly lunches, happy hours, and more.  

3.  Boost employee productivity and treat your star performers by rewarding them with a bump in their allowance. 

4. Make attending webinars and conferences more enticing by offering meal perks. It’s the perfect way to motivate your employees to participate and make the most out of these events.

5. Keep employees engaged during onboarding and training sessions, whether in-person or virtual, with meal benefits that enhance their experience.

6. Build company culture and allow you to celebrate D&I through shared food experiences.

When you choose Skip For Business, you’ll have:

  • A dedicated account manager who will be there to help you every step of the way.
  • One-on-one training and ongoing support. 
  • Tips and tools to encourage usage. 
  • Flexibility to customize and allocate budgets according to your needs. 

What’s next for Skip For Business? 

And this is only the start – there’s a lot more to come with Skip For Business. Be on the lookout for more blog content, including valuable tips, trends, and insights on corporate food solutions. Plus, we’ll be taking Skip For Business on the road, bringing our product launch to events and tradeshows. Who knows, we might even visit your workplace so you can get a taste of the Skip experience firsthand. Stay tuned!

Ready to see what Skip For Business will do for you? 
Get in touch with Nicole Skibo, our Senior Manager of Enterprise Sales, at [email protected], or fill out the form on for more info. 

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