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2023 spring food trends to sink your teeth into.


Spring is in the air and you know what that means? Our tantalizing new food trends are coming in hot. From plant-based pasta to spicy bakes to new kinds of chocolate, there are a ton of delicious things popping up on the scene this season. And here they are in all their glory.

  • Opened tin of canned fish on a table beside a piece of fish on a cracker.
    Canned fish out of water - While canned salmon and tuna are nothing new, there are some up and coming brands, like Fishwife and Scout, bringing small scale, handcrafted seafood to the forefront. Expect to see more artisanal options in the market this spring.
  • Pasta on a plate with roasted tomatoes and garnish beside a spoon and fork on a red placemat.
    Pass the (plant-based) pasta - We’ve been embracing plant-based eating for some time. But now, pasta makers are digging into the idea of plant-based pasta made, for example, with chickpeas or cauliflower. Think cauliflower parmesan pasta or chickpea gnocchi. Bellissima!
  • Bacon wrapped dates on a long serving plate garnished with rosemary.
    Meet your dream date - Dates are coming out loud and proud this spring, and for good reason. Not only are they brimming with antioxidants, but they also support good gut and bone health. And we love how people are playing with the trend (bacon-wrapped dates anyone?).
  • A square piece of chocolate cake on a cooling rack beside mint.
    Have your spicy cake and eat it too - Bringing the heat to traditional sweet bakes with spices like cayenne or chipotle is going to be a thing this spring. There’s just something about the way these spicy spices bring out the flavour of everyone’s favourite desserts. Think cinnamon chili brownies or chewy ginger cookies with black pepper and cardamom. Yum.
  • This way to Ube - This vibrant purple yam, which hails from the Philippines, is taking spring food trends by storm. With its warm, vanilla-adjacent flavour, it tastes amazing in sweet dishes like cake, flan, and cheesecake. And because of its mild flavour, it also works surprisingly well in savoury dishes too, like pierogies and dumplings.
  • A close up of various chocolate truffles.
    Life is like a box of alt-chocolates - Calling all chocolate lovers! There are a couple of new tastes hitting the scene this spring that are worth a try. Look out for new colours and flavours like ruby chocolate, which carries a sweet-to-tart berry profile, or golden chocolate, which has more of a toffee, caramel-y flavour. Talk about sweet twists on a beloved favourite.
  • Avocado toast with hard boiled egg on a wooden board.
    You’ve guac to be kidding me - Though we’re not even near through with guacamole or avocado toast, there are plenty of other ways to sink your teeth into this rich fruit. From avocado slices served on baked sweet potato slices to avocado-based desserts, like avocado pudding, this is one to watch (again!) this year.
  • Pistachio milk being poured into a glass.
    The next generation of “not-milk” milk - Last year, we talked about potato milk. This year, sesame and pistachio milk are joining the party. More nutritious than oat milk and more environmentally friendly than almond milk, these newcomers sound like they’d be great in coffees, lattes, smoothies, and all kinds of baked goods.

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