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Using restaurant data analytics to drive growth


If you’re a restauranteur, you could be more passionate about burrata than data, more asparagus than analytics. But what if we told you that customer data could help you predict shifts in your customers’ ordering behaviour? Or automate your purchasing and receiving processes? 

The Skip portal, of course, is a great place to find analytics about your customer base. Other new tech platforms can also help you better understand your clientele – and gaining this information can be way simpler than you may think. Here’s how you can use data analytics tools to help boost your business. 

Keep them coming back.

THE PROBLEM: Retaining customers 

THE SOLUTION: Loyalty Programs

HOW THEY CAN HELP: Who doesn’t love earning points? Customer loyalty programs are a great way to keep customers coming back for more –  and learning about their delivery habits. There are products that are easy to setup and use for your customers. And in turn, you can offer them sign-up bonuses, redemption rates, and birthday rewards. 

Loyalty programs can gather data on your customers’ ordering and behaviour history, dietary preferences, age, location, and birthday. With this data, your restaurant can provide a more customized experience when it comes to offering rewards. 

Another satisfied customer.

THE PROBLEM: Ensuring your customers are happy with their orders and your service

THE SOLUTION: Customer feedback platforms

HOW THEY CAN HELP: Happy customers? Great! Not-so-happy customers? Let’s fix it. Customer feedback platforms can let you get feedback directly from your customers about their experience – and quickly resolve any concerns or complaints. So, you can also remedy customer complaints before they turn into negative reviews that detract potential new customers.

Bridge business and operations.

THE PROBLEM: Keeping tabs on what (or who) is needed in the kitchen, while you’re in the office.

THE SOLUTION: Restaurant operations platforms

HOW IT CAN HELP: One part of your business is focused on the flavours while another is focused on the numbers. Restaurant operations platforms can help you bridge the gap between the two by centralizing all data. That means more efficiency, better forecasting, and improved adaptability. And you can save money by preventing food waste and predicting staffing needs.

Customer insights, in real-time.

THE PROBLEM: Knowing who is coming back and what they love to order.

THE SOLUTION: Skip Online Food Delivery Platform (oh hey, that’s us!)

HOW IT CAN HELP: We hope you know by now all that our Analytics tool can tell you: the when, what, and where your customers are ordering, gross revenue, average spend, and menu item preference. You can filter customer behaviour by new or returning customers to find out who’s coming back for seconds at every store location and their preferred method of delivery or pickup.

Skip can consistently reach out to you and resolve your issues in less than 24 hours. And you can use the customer feedback tab in the Portal to see compliments and areas of improvement.

Consistency for them, seamlessness for you.

THE PROBLEM: Using multiple delivery platforms and keeping everything straight

THE SOLUTION: POS Integration  link to POS story

HOW IT CAN HELP: Aggregate all your existing online and third-party sales channels (including Skip) into one simple account. You’ll get a clear view of all your orders in one place, and your customers will get a consistent experience. With a better sense of your orders, you can improve your operational flow and prep time.

Get the data working for your business. 

The more you know about your customers the better you can serve them. If you are using social media for your restaurant, do not forget to track the social media metrics for your restaurant.We hope these suggestions help get you on your way. And if you have some favourite platforms that have helped your businesses, tell us all about them in the comments!

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