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The rise of restaurant DIY meal & drink kits in Canada.


If the last couple of years taught restaurants anything, it was that they needed to think outside the box in order to come up with ideas to stay afloat. One idea that’s remained super popular? At-home meal and drink kits. Restaurants prep the dishes and/or drinks, pack them up (explore the top food packaging trends in the restaurant industry) and deliver them to customers’ doors so they can recreate the experience at home. So what kind of drinks and meals are Canadian restaurants serving up? Join us on a trip across the country to have a taste. 


Eataly – For customers with a love for Italian cooking (and eating!), Eataly created a number of delicious pizza and pasta kits to satisfy the craving. Kits are packaged for two and range from $25-$40. 

The Carbon Bar – Known for their Southern-inspired dishes and sweet BBQ, they’ve created 4 different options allowing customers to grill up their own faves at home. The options range from $38-$85 and serve between 2 to 6 people. 


Sal y Limon –This popular restaurant, inspired by the traditional flavours of Mexico, serves up a variety of tasty dishes including their beloved taco kits. Featuring a range of 15 different recipes to choose from, these kits come with everything customers need to taco it up at home, starting at $32.

Juke– Renowned for their popular fried chicken, Juke also serves up tasty cocktail kits on the side. They all come with a mix of ingredients to experiment with and different bases depending on preference—vodka, gin, cognac, rum, or tequila. Starting at $50. 


Native Tongues Taqueria – Delicious Mexican-inspired dishes aside, Native Tongues Taqueria makes a mean margarita. Customers can DIY these classics at home with their special cocktail kits for $95.99 (including enough stuff to make roughly 16 drinks).

The Guild – A chic eatery that specializes in wood & coal-fired meats, The Guild has everything from steak dinner kits to quiche brunch kits, starting at $55 for two. 

No matter what’s happening around us, it’s always a good idea to give your customers more ways to enjoy your tasty food and drinks, whether they’re in the restaurant or in the comfort of their own home. Cheers to that.

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