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Meet the teams | Three behind-the-scenes teams that make Skip happen


Thanks to our all-star Front-of-House, Territory, and Menu teams, Skip offers unparalleled support for our restaurant partners. From community support to dedicated territory managers to menu optimization, here’s how each of our teams can help you reach more diners, generate more orders, and get more bang for your buck. 

The Front-of-house team.

We always want to make a good first impression—and our Front-of-House (or FOH) Team delivers. Consisting of 51 team members, they are your first point of contact for any non-live issues you may be facing. If you send a help message through the Skip Portal, this is who it goes to! 

So, what can the FOH team help you with?  

• Completed or past order issues 

• Change of information requests

• Any banking updates

• Tech support issues 

• And coaching on the best practices for self-serve features and MSS—and how to up your Skip Score

The Territory Manager.

When you become a Skip partner, we treat you just like that—as a partner. And the last thing we would ever want to do to our partners is leave them out in the cold to navigate new waters alone. That’s why every restaurant partner gets a dedicated Territory Manager out of our team of 66, regardless of whether you’re a big corporation or a small mom-and-pop shop. 

The Territory Manager is your main point of contact to help you drive continued and sustainable growth through activations, promotions, and strategies that lead to reaching their goals. Their guidance and advice can help you improve your operations, drive value, and improve your overall sales performance. 

Their combination of deep knowledge of both the industry and the Skip platform can help you make the most of our partnership. How?

• By building a close and trustful relationship

• By supporting you to reach your business goals

• By helping you identify business opportunities

• And by conducting frequent business reviews to assess your performance and set a common action plan. Follow this page for promotional tips from SKIP’s territory manager to increase your restaurant sales.

The Menu Team.

Last, but definitely not least, is the Menu Team. What’s a restaurant without a menu, after all? This team, made up of 38 programmers, helps create and maintain all the menus of our independent and National Brands restaurant partners. No small task. 

And when you send any menu-related questions or requests, either through the Skip Portal or through [email protected] or [email protected], this is the team that receives those. 

Not only does our menu team have the inside scoop on best practices, but they also work with you to figure out how to get more customers looking at your menu. How can they help?

• The initial curation of your menu

• Updating prices whenever needed

• Getting the best photos of your food and updating images when needed

• And completing menu overhauls and optimization 

We hope this has given you some insights into what happens at Skip behind the scenes and all the key teams who come together to help your Skip experience be the best it can be. 

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