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6 of the best food-related TV shows for hibernation season.


Fall is here and you know what that means? Tucking into some good TV shows. Whether you like the fast-paced drama of restaurant makeovers, heartwarming family comedies, or tasty reality TV, we’ve got all the food-related entertainment recommendations you need. So, grab the popcorn and get ready to feast your eyes on our faves. 


Pull up a stool at the local watering hole where everybody knows your name. This iconic TV show is set almost completely inside the confines of the famous Boston bar, with a cast of characters who feel like old friends. With the mix of charming bartender Sam, sassy waitress Carla, and beloved regular Norm, this show is a frothy blend of comedy and heart. It also reminds us that sometimes the best company is found in the unlikeliest of places.  

One of our favourite episodes: “Bar Wars” – Season 6, Episode 23

MasterChef Canada

For those with a craving for food-related reality TV, MasterChef fits the bill. It’s the ultimate culinary battleground that invites aspiring chefs to show off their skills through epic food challenges as they compete against each other for the title of MasterChef Canada Champion. From the snow-covered peaks to bustling city markets, contestants transform local ingredients into culinary masterpieces that pay homage to Canada’s rich heritage and spirit. 

One of our favourite episodes: “Not-Your-Average-Joe” – Season 1, Episode 14

Bob’s Burgers

Next up, the animated sitcom that sizzles with charm. Located in the heart of a vibrant seaside town, this show follows the daily misadventures of the Belchers and their family-owned burger joint. With Bob’s deadpan humour, wife Linda’s vivacious spirit, and their three eccentric kids, Bob’s Burgers is a flavourful family treat you won’t be able to get enough of.  

One of our favourite episodes: “The Kids Run the Restaurant” – Season 3, Episode 20

Kim’s Convenience

Step into this delightfully heartwarming sitcom centred around the hilarious escapades of the Kims, a Korean-Canadian family who run a corner store in Toronto. Appa, the no-nonsense dad, and Umma, the doting mom, keep the shelves stocked with humour as they navigate the challenges of running their store, raising their kids, and adjusting to life in a new country. It’s a one-stop shop of comedy, cultural insights, generational clashes, and family love. 

One of our favourite episodes: “Best Before” – Season 1, Episode 9


Get ready to jump on the retail rollercoaster that is Superstore. Set within the fluorescent-lit aisles of Cloud 9 megastore, this hilarious sitcom follows the daily grind, camaraderie, and sometimes absurd challenges faced by their quirky employees. From checkout mishaps to price tag conundrums and customer chaos, this show proves that when it comes to retail comedy, they have every aisle covered.  

One of our favourite episodes: “All Sales Final” – Season 6, Episode 15

Kitchen Nightmares

For a really good lesson on what not to do, enter the pressure cooker of Kitchen Nightmares. Armed with his fiery wit and insatiable appetite for kitchen chaos, chef Gordon Ramsay helps whip struggling bars and restaurants into shape using tough love and a whole lotta profanity. Come for the drama, and stay for the uplifting moments as teams come together to build back their businesses. 

One of our favourite episodes: “Amy’s Baking Company” – Season 6, Episode 16

And that’s a wrap! We hope these food service and retail shows satisfy your craving for good TV all season long. Hankering for even more foodertainment? Have we got some movies for you. 

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