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Tips from a Territory Manager to grow your grocery business.


Our Territory Managers are here to help your business grow and thrive on the Skip network. So we sat down with one, Sandeep Boparai, as she is responsible for growing our Partners’ grocery and convenience store businesses. 

From adding eye-catching menu photos or mouth-watering menu descriptions, to running a $0 Delivery Fee* promo, here are her top insider tips and insights to help with your eGrocery success on Skip. 

For starters, what are your responsibilities? 

My role is to help manage and grow Skip Partners’ businesses, solely focused on grocery and convenience stores. I’m also responsible for the overall vertical’s strategy, building effective relationships with Partners, and determining their needs in order to ensure they are achieving success. 

What does your typical day look like?

My typical day begins with pulling data from our dashboard. There may be Partners who need to be onboarded, coached, or require feedback regarding how to increase their order volume. I also speak with those Partners by phone or email, understand their pain points, and try to provide them with helpful advice. Additionally, I collaborate internally with the sales and menu teams to ensure our Partners receive the best support and service possible. 

What is most important to your grocery Partners?

Most of our Partners would like to attain new customers with minimal resources to maximize profits. I make sure that I communicate clearly to our Partners how Skip’s products and services can meet their needs and grow their business. For instance, when I provide training to my grocery Partners, I emphasize the importance of having menus with photos and descriptions. 

What challenges are you able to address?

At Skip, we continuously strive to support our Partners and provide them with the best service possible. In the past, grocery Partners did not have full photos of their menus on the Skip platform, resulting in a low order volume from customers. Once they optimized their menu, they began to experience an increase in orders.     

What’s your most cherished accomplishment on behalf of a Partner?

Circle K joined our network last year. They began with 33 stores as a trial, before more stores were added to the Skip network. I individually coached all 33 stores and resolved any tablet or WiFi issues that occurred within the stores. As a result, Circle K was pleased with the performance and decided to bring in an additional 100 stores in September of last year. They have acknowledged many times that Skip is their top delivery partner. 

What promotional tips have you shared with Partners that have increased revenue? 

For Partners who wish to increase their orders and revenue, I advise offering $0 Delivery Fee* with orders of $25 or $35, or Free Items with orders of $35 or more – since most of Skip’s customers look for grocery or convenience stores with $0 Delivery Fee*. In cases where Partners have low traffic to their menu, I suggest they opt for Top Placement, which could result in significant traffic to their menu, as well as highlighting those menu items with detailed descriptions.

Lastly, what advice, tips, trends, best practices, and overall customer support do you share with Partners?

I coach Partners extensively about their Skip Score and the factors that influence it. As part of my review, I check the Partner’s average preparation time and determine if additional time is required. If Partners can reduce prep time, I’ll recommend they do so. Faster delivery will result in positive feedback. The packaging of the order is very important as well, so I let Partners know how to label the order and how to hand it over to the correct courier. An incorrectly delivered order will decrease the Skip Score.   

Our Territory Managers at Skip, like Sandeep Boparai, are in your corner all the way, and these are just a few ways to help your eGrocery business grow on the Skip network. 

*$0 Delivery Fee Promos = Free Delivery Promos

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