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6 Ways to Win Over Customers in a Phygital World


Let’s face it, we’re all digital creatures. The pandemic totally fueled that fire causing a lot of companies, restaurants included, to reinvent the digital experience. For most, it was their only chance of survival without the brick-and-mortar traffic. And that changed everything. Now as businesses focus on reopening, there’s a growing appetite from customers for a more phygital experience. A combination of, you guessed it, the words digital and physical, it’s used to describe blending physical experiences with the more sophisticated digital experiences we’ve all become accustomed to. What kind of phygital tactics can restaurants use, you ask? Tuck in your napkin and get ready to dig in.

  • Give Your Restaurant the Magic Touch - Canadians have eaten take out more in these past two years than likely any other time in their lives. We’re used to having little to no human interaction at this point. But how do you bring that experience into the restaurant? Two words: interactive kiosks. You may have seen these automated order takers at fast food restaurants like McDonalds. Instead of ordering face-to-face at the counter, the customer is met with an interactive screen where they can make a contactless order in the restaurant. Not only does it give people an added sense of security, but kiosks can also be used to promote other items or offers in your restaurant. Don’t have the traffic to necessitate a digital board? Having a tablet is also a great way to bring digital into the mix without breaking the bank.

So as you can see, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the growing number of digital technologies that are out there. Not only will they help ease customers back into the physical world, but they’ll also help you kick your offerings up a notch and attract even more patrons. To stay up-to-date, check these top podcasts about the restaurant industry news.

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